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The Avatar of What Is

The Divine Life and Work of Adi Da

by Carolyn Lee, PhD


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The Urgent Need
for Divine Intervention

From Chapter One,
by Carolyn Lee, PhD

There has been an event in our time that is of profoundest consequence for humanity's present and future, and which enables a new comprehension of humanity's past.

These few pages can only begin to convey the magnitude of this event, which is, in fact, an Intervention, a Divine response to the most ancient prayers and longings of human beings to know the Truth of existence and to live in conformity with that Truth.

Speaking in The Perennial Philosophy about the significance of the Avatar, Aldous Huxley wrote:

The Logos passes out of eternity into time for no other purpose than to assist the beings, whose bodily form he takes, to pass out of time into eternity.

If the Avatar's appearance upon the stage of history is enormously important, this is due to the fact that by his teaching he points out, and by his being a channel of grace and divine power he actually is, the means by which human beings may transcend the limitations of history....

There will be no experience of timeless Reality then, unless there is the same or a similar knowledge within the world of time and matter.

By precept and example, the Avatar teaches that this transforming knowledge is possible, that all sentient beings are called to it.

Although he could not have known it, such a One was already born when Aldous Huxley wrote these words. Adi Da, whose life and work is described here, has indeed come as the incarnation of the timeless Reality, to enable human beings to know that Reality directly, and thus to "transcend the limitations of history" — or all the limitations of human knowledge and action — while yet participating fully in a human life.

The urgency of such an Intervention in our time is self-evident. We are looking at the effects of the behemoth of technology fast destroying the very roots and planetary home of human culture.

In that case, what happens to human sanity? In 1931, in Brave New World, Aldous Huxley painted a chilling picture of the systematic suppression of the human spirit by the forces of scientific materialism — and, in 1958, he wrote that those prophecies were coming true much sooner than he thought.

Huxley was not a lone voice. Deep concern was already in the air during the waning years of the nineteenth century among far-sighted individuals — who could see impossible-to-gauge implications for humanity implied by growing industrialism and the powerful challenges — represented by Darwin, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, and their like to ancient beliefs and structures of authority.

The old order was already breaking down, and one who saw this with an extraordinary clarity, and responded with a corresponding passion, was a young Bengali, a renunciate devotee of the renowned Spiritual Master, Ramakrishna (1836-1886).


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Avatar Cover The Avatar of What Is
by Carolyn Lee PhD

The extraordinary story of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Intervention in the world — from the foretelling of His birth, through the more than thirty-five years of His unique Avataric Teaching-Work, to His compassionate Blessing-Work.

5.5" x 8.5" paperback
152 pages


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