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The Avatar of What Is

The Divine Life and Work of Adi Da

by Carolyn Lee, PhD


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The Purpose of My bodily (human) Appearance here is the Divine Liberation of all of humankind — not merely the human beings of the East or the human beings of the West, but all human beings (and, indeed, all beings and things altogether).

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

In The Avatar of What Is, Carolyn Lee describes the heart-breaking and unprecedented events of Avatar Adi Da's life and work in a thoroughly accessible and captivating form.

The book begins with an explanation of how Avatar Adi Da's birth, which initiated the appearance of the Divine Reality in human Form, was enabled by the conjoining of the deeper personalities of two great Indian Realizers, Swami Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda.

The extraordinary Yogic events that prepared Avatar Adi Da's human body for His Transcendental Spiritual work — and His work to Bless all beings — are then described in detail, along with how these events marked pivotal changes in Avatar Adi Da's work (up through early 2007).

The biography focuses on these significant occurrences in Adi Da's life:

  • His childhood experiences of the "Bright" — the Radiant, Blissful, All-pervading fullness of Being — which He knew at birth.
  • His early-life demonstrations of His intention to bring love and true humor to all beings.
  • His profound breakthrough insight while a student at Columbia University which, as He describes, was "a tacit understanding of the mechanism at the root of human suffering and dilemma" whereby it became clear that what we are chronically seeking is, in reality, always already the case.
  • His discovery of "Narcissus" — or the self-enamored nature of egoity — while engaging an exhaustive investigation of conscious awareness.
  • His practice with Swami Rudrananda (known as "Rudi") and His experience of the utter death of the ego.
  • Practice with His Teachers in India — Swami Muktananda and Swami Nityananda — and His unique relationship to the Primal Energy-Principle that manifested in His experience as the Divine Goddess.
  • His Divine Re-Awakening at the Vedanta Temple in Hollywood, California, in September 1970.
  • His years of Teaching, Instructing those who came to Him to enter into the real process of Spiritual life.
  • The Great Event of His Divine Avataric Self-"Emergence" in 1986 and the dramatic shift in the nature of His work from that time.
  • The unprecedented Great Yogic Event of 2000, after which Avatar Adi Da was miraculously able to remain alive in bodily form even after He had been "Divinely Translated" beyond all forms of manifest existence.



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Avatar Cover The Avatar of What Is
by Carolyn Lee PhD

The extraordinary story of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Intervention in the world — from the foretelling of His birth, through the more than thirty-five years of His unique Avataric Teaching-Work, to His compassionate Blessing-Work.

5.5" x 8.5" paperback
152 pages


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