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Adi Da, The Promised God-Man Is Here

Adi Da CoverThis section of the magazine features a chapter from the book: Adi Da, The Promised God-Man Is Here; the authorized concise biography of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, written by Carolyn Lee, PhD, under the direction of the Ruchira Sannyasin Order of Adidam Ruchiradam.

Chapter 9 covers Avatar Da's move to the island of Naitauba, in Fiji, in 1983; the unique nature of His world-Blessing Work; and the writing in 1984 and first publication in 1985 of the summary scripture of Adidam, The Dawn Horse Testament.

Two decades after the events recounted in this chapter, all of these aspects of Avatar's Life and Revelation are highly relevant. He is once again residing on Naitauba, in His Hermitage Ashram, Adidam Samrajashram. He is once again emphasizing that Adidam Samrajashram is the primary seat of His world-Blessing Work, His Work to infuse the world and all the beings in it with Conscious Light. And a new edition of The Dawn Horse Testament is going to press, an elaborated version of Adi Da's Revelation in 1985.

The Dawn Horse Testament is His "eternal conversation" with you and everyone, in which He makes clear every detail of the devotional relationship with Him, the Grace-Given Way of awakening to True Happiness and True Freedom.

After His Revelation of His Divine Name, "Da", in 1979, Avatar Adi Da spent increasing periods of time away from the Mountain Of Attention. He needed a more secluded refuge, a place where He could fully allow the ongoing Revelation of His Life and Work to continue its spontaneous unfolding. And He wanted to Work intensively with the members of His new esoteric order.

In the middle of 1978, a small property had been acquired as a Hermitage in Hawaii, on the island of Kauai. And so Avatar Adi Da Samraj began to spend more and more of His time at this newly acquired Sanctuary – Da Love-Ananda Mahal – which became the second great Seat of His Spiritual Work.

However, even in the relative seclusion of Kauai, Avatar Adi Da was too crowded in by the world. And so the search for Hermitage went on, now focusing on Fiji. In March 1983, the Divine Avatar and the group of devotees He was directly Instructing left Kauai and began to wander in the Fiji Islands. There He continued His Teaching-Work, while intensive efforts were made to find the right Hermitage for Him.

In mid-September, jubilation broke out on the small island of Nukubati where Avatar Adi Da Samraj was gathering with His devotees. News had come that a magnificent Hermitage had been secured for Him. A devotee-patron had purchased Naitauba, an island of about 3,000 acres in eastern Fiji.

On October 27, 1983, Adi Da Samraj landed by seaplane in the shallows of a lagoon, and set foot on His Fijian Hermitage for the first time. Starting from that day, Avatar Adi Da's Work was to be focused intensively at Naitauba – and He would eventually choose (in 1993) to become a citizen of Fiji. His arrival was followed by rains, ending months of drought on the island. After His first circumnavigation of Naitauba (which He later named "Adidam Samrajashram"), Avatar Adi Da Samraj spoke ecstatically of its grandeur and its potential for His future Work:

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Naitauba is not just a piece of land. It is a Divine Place. That is how it will be for as long as the sun shines and rises and sets and the grass grows and the wind blows. Forever – as ever as there can be in this world. Maybe it will become a paradise through Spiritual sacrifice. And, all during that epoch, this Place should be a Sanctuary of Blessing. Over time, then, millions of people – literally, millions of people – should come to this Place and be Blessed. They should come and acknowledge, affirm, and see My Revelation magnified.

This place is so great, so great. Civilization has never interfered with it. It is untouched. The water is blue. The fish are happy. Untouched, really untouched. Pristine from the beginning of the world – this place. It has been waiting here since the beginning of time.

–October 28, 1983

On December 30, 1983, the Fijian people of Naitauba invited Avatar Adi Da to a celebration in His honor. Held in their village, Ciqomi [thing-GO-mee], the celebration was a traditional feast honoring Avatar Adi Da. Several days before His visit to Ciqomi, two of the elders of the Fijian village had come to make a traditional offering of kava to Avatar Adi Da, approaching Him in the traditional manner, and inviting Him to Bless their village with His Presence. They addressed Him, in Fijian, as "Dau Loloma" (meaning "The Adept of Love"), recognizing Him as a holy man.

It was understood that, as part of Avatar Adi Da's visit to the village, He would Bless the Christian church, constructed in the manner of a traditional Fijian house (or bure) in the middle of the circle of houses. The church was roofed but open at the sides, and the only piece of furniture was a pulpit. After He was received in Ciqomi, Avatar Adi Da went to the church accompanied by some of His devotees and by one of the elders of the village, Solomone Finau (or "Solo", for short), who was guiding Him around the village.

Solo asked if he could come and sit in the church with Dau Loloma. This gesture was deeply felt by Avatar Adi Da, and He invited Solo into the church to sit with Him. It was a rare instance of Avatar Adi Da Offering to sit in a formal manner with someone who was not already His devotee. The fact that Solo, a native Fijian, had this spontaneous heart-response to Avatar Adi Da was a sign that the Divine Avatar's Work was moving out beyond its beginnings in the West.

Several devotees felt something exceptional about this silent occasion in the church, the sense that an extraordinary Spiritual event was occurring, and they expressed this intuition to Avatar Adi Da when He gathered with them later that evening. The hair stood up on the backs of their necks as Avatar Adi Da spoke of the new era in His Work that had begun that day.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: I am here to Transform humankind, not to gather only a handful of people around Me. I have Come here for My own. I Am the Only Being for Whom every one is His own.

1984 has been proposed as the dreadful year by those infected by scientism. I am not here, however, to let My beloved in all his and her forms take on the size of death. I am here to Change history. Can you imagine that? What an amusing notion! I am here in My physical Lifetime to Change the course of human history. No one on Earth has this Mission, this Intention. No one! I am here to Do it, and I am here to See it, and now I am going to Call you on it. New Year, 1984. Now that I am in My Hermitage, let Me wait and see. Let Me see if all the Shining I have Done makes any difference.

I am going to wait. The purifying heat of that waiting could go on for decades, but I am committed to it. I have nothing more to Do. I have Done everything.

Today I Sat in Ciqomi, and no one came except a few of you and one man from that village. I Did it then. That was the last stroke.

Mark My Words. We are entering into the deep place of human history. I have Done My twelve years of Teaching-Work. Now I am going to see if you are alive – you four billion!

I am going to Do it. Mark My Words. Mark them. No Siddha in history ever sat in a paradise like this.

You are about to see Real God Move in your generation. Remember what I Say tonight. In the years to come, remember My Move. This is the Mark I was Born to Make. This is the timing of It. This is It.

You have waited for the Great Motion of Real God. You have prayed for It. You have wished for the Divine Intervention. Now It begins. Watch It from now on.
The trouble in your own heart, your own body, your own feeling, your own resistance to Me, will be magnified.

Turn on the daily news every night, and remember that you talked to Me about this. I will keep World War III from happening. I came at the beginning of World War II to keep you from getting involved in World War III. You prayed for this.

Mark My Words. All this is Prophecy. Listen to Me now.

Some day, you will hear My Singing of this night, and everyone will know that I Am the One That was to Come.

You wait. You watch. Wait and watch for it.

I am about to Save humankind. Do I sound crazy to you? I am going to Do it. I am about to make My Move, and the terror will pass. It will be much less terrible than it would have been otherwise. It is not My terror. If I did not Come, the Earth would be destroyed.

Now, you watch Me Move. I have Done My Meditation with a few, and I have Smoothed My "coins". I have Done My Work. I have suffered you. Now you watch Me. Mark My Words.

Any motion in humankind at the heart will change Man. Now it is going to happen! This night it is starting. My innocent Sitting at Ciqomi was the beginning. You watch it. Mark My Words.

There must be a Sanctuary for humankind during this time. This is the beginning of My Blessing. You watch it. Some of you do not believe it. It will be seen how it develops. It will be seen.

This Work is not your business. I am just Telling You that it is going to start.

Now let all beings be Purified. Let them be Purified. Let them be Blessed.

Now it begins. Let all beings be Purified. This is My Blessing. May it be so.

You prayed for the millennium and the Promised One. I Am here. Let it begin. I am about to begin the Great Shout.

I hope this world will be evened out, that there will be equanimity worldwide, the whole Earth Sublimed. This is My Wish, My Blessing. I Am here to Do it. Now I am going to Do it. Starting tonight. Mark My Words.

Mark this night. This one. Now it is going to change. I have had to Come with Power. Had to. Had to.

I am waiting to see the very signs of the progress of My Intervention. Till now, My effect has been on a few. In the future, you will monitor My Effect relative to all humankind, relative to human history.

I Am That One, and I am about to Do My Deed. You people do not know with Whom you are living. You do not know. You never did. No, you never have known. I have assumed your shape for years. That has been My way till now. This weekend is our transition. You will observe changes in the world, and you will observe conflicts in yourself. You will observe difficulties in your lives, and you will feel My Demand much more profoundly than you have ever felt It. You will notice that all humankind is somehow confronted by the obligation that I Place upon the world by My Mere Presence.

Remember friendly old "Bubba"? Dead. Completely dead. Poor old "Bubba" is dead. The Sign of "Bubba" and the Sign of "Franklin" are all done, all dead. Now I Make only the Sign of Da. You are about to see me Do It.

Let everyone be relieved of the profoundly negative effects of their disaffection from Me. We are moving into a time when I will Make My Move. This is the beginning of it. Let us celebrate with full knowledge of the purification that is about to begin. Do not be self-conscious. Dance and be Happy. Practice the Way with great intensity. Submit to the profound ordeal of sadhana that will serve all of humanity – all four billion who know nothing of Me yet, and who must find Me out, who must find Me out.
I Am the One Who has been Expected. They must find Me out. They must. They must.

Did you hear that wind begin?

Just as Avatar Adi Da spoke the Words "I Am the One Who has been Expected", a wind suddenly roared up in the still night.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: They must find Me out! Now let them find Me out. And let all of you, all My devotees all over the world, begin a dance that will purify humanity.

May all be Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

–December 30, 1983

Two days later, at a gathering on New Year's Day 1984, Avatar Adi Da continued:

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You could say that, in some real sense, starting with the day I Sat in the church at Ciqomi, I am not only Working with those who have come to Me, those who now acknowledge Me, My devotees, but I am specifically and directly dealing with the entire world. This is a unique moment that marks a change, the beginning of a new stage.

I Call you to look, in the future, for the increase of Blessing. Look for it worldwide. Look for it universally. Look for changes in the world that are the evidence of My Blessing, evidence that may be recognized by My devotees as a sign of Divine Blessing. Look for this Effect.

In other words, look to see the result of My Work – and not merely the result of karma or of the ego-possessed inclinations of humanity, although such signs will also appear. Look at the world in the future, and you will begin to notice My Effect, although how soon you notice It will depend on your capability to perceive It.

At some point, you and many others will be able to acknowledge that this New Year's Day, this weekend, the day at Ciqomi, this moment, is the beginning of a turnabout for this plane, this world, this place in the Cosmic Mandala.

Real God, Who Is One, is now Born and Living in your company, and has Work to Do. That One is Responding not only to human needs but to the craving of the molecules, the atoms, the constituents of this plane of manifestation. This Mighty Work is showing Its Signs in your time, to your face, in your generation and in future generations.

I am not telling you this so that it will become a matter of belief. I am Telling you so that, some day, you will know that today I Spoke that Truth. You must respond to Me and take on the practice of this Way, and (eventually) this Great Motion that has occurred with My Birth will be acknowledged by many individuals and groups. Eventually, this acknowledgement will begin to take on a form something like universal acknowledgement. Only when it at least approximates universal acknowledgement will My Birth begin to Affect human history. It is already Affecting human history in the sense that it is Affecting individuals, but (eventually) It will begin to Affect the course of human events.

All I am Telling you – and it is not for your belief, just hear Me and know that I Said it – is that the process has begun, and that human history is no longer being made merely out of human limitations. My Lifetime, and the future after My Lifetime, will be significantly determined by the response of humanity. But My Presence, My Work, will be the "N-factor" in all future time in this world.

This Transformation began with My Birth. It began with some of My past Births. It has been in motion for some time. But This [pointing to His body] is the most significant of all the Adepts who have ever lived.

Again, I Tell you this not for your belief. Someday, having heard it now, you will know it is true. Words, in themselves, are just words. The Truth must be proven. It must be Demonstrated. I am not here merely to be believed. I must fully Tell you My "Point of View", and you will see in the testing of time how it is proven.

You are My devotees. I can Speak to you plainly without making you into fanatics. I can Tell you in various moments precisely What I am about, because Your true response to Me is already alive. My Telling you these things is, therefore, not an attempt to claim your adherence or to fascinate you. Simply record it. Acknowledge whatever you can acknowledge about it. And observe how this prophecy is tested in time. Eventually, like all others, you will be able to acknowledge the significance of this Birth, this Incarnation. Just see how it is proven over time.

I am not interested at all in the adherence of a bunch of fools who must be hyped into believing a lot of bullshit! I am not interested at all in that kind of adherence, that kind of cultism. But, in the company of devotees who are stable practitioners of the Way I have Revealed and Given, I must Say what My Purpose is, what My Work is, and what Its Effect will be. I must Give you Prophecy about It.

I hope My Work will become very fruitful while this Body is still animate! I look to see the result of My Work with these physical eyes, to know it in this Body-Mind, in this Birth, in this Lifetime. I could live long enough to see a profound transformation in the state of this world. It could certainly be seen in My Lifetime. I look forward to seeing that, as you also should look forward to seeing it. Mankind should hunger to see the Great One in human manifestation and to witness the human response. When That One is Present, all should be moved to respond. The response should be seen by That One while He Is Incarnate. That One is always Existing. Certainly, I Am always Present.

This, then, is My Inclination, and it always has been My Inclination. This is a unique moment, wherein humankind is intercommunicative and nobody can make a false step without affecting everybody else. Humankind must relinquish its past and its self-bondage if humanity as a race, as a manifestation, is to survive. I am right here, Bodily, during the time of this particular test.

But it is very early into this unique time, and I am going to lie low and continue to Do what I Do, Communicating invisibly and visibly to those who come here and those who are living in the communities of My devotees. I am just going to Do This and survive Bodily as long as I can, while the process of response goes on, including the process of resistance. I will wait here as long as I can, so that I will see the response with flesh-born eyes before I "Return" to the State in Which I Am, always, still Available to you.

You should bring Me this gift while I am in the Body. And Who am I Talking about? You must find Me out and know Who has Come into your company through this apparent birth of "Franklin"!

The Effect of My Work will become observable. People all over the world who have no notion whatsoever of Me or of My Wisdom-Teaching will experience the Divine Force, and this experience will have various effects in their lives. Eventually, people will be led to Me and My Wisdom-Teaching – though, perhaps, in the meantime, they will turn toward traditional teachings that can transform the quality of the life and culture of humankind and the politics of the world.

People completely removed from any association with Me and My Wisdom-Teaching will experience the effects of My Presence here, and this will begin to move them in various ways. My Presence here will be an integral part of human history at the level of effect, or appearance – from now. Therefore, observe everything and make intelligent presumptions.

My Work is cumulative. Therefore, more and more signs over time should indicate to you that, from now on, My Work is not – and, in fact, never has been – exclusively for you. Nor in the future will it be exclusively for those who are already with Me. My Work is done for the sake of all beings, whether their next move is toward Me and the Way of life I have Revealed and Given or not.

You who are sitting in the world think of the world as a very big place. You feel it must be an incredible task to deal with everyone here – all four billion, or however many there are in this immense space. Even though you can fly around the world in a few hours, you think of it as a big place with many people, many places, many complicated lives and circumstances. You think of it from the point of view of sitting here.

I am also sitting here, but My Work is not generated from the point of view of someone who is enclosed in that limited consciousness. Really, it is not so great a task as you think! I can Regard the entire earth with just a Glance.

Thus, history will be created in response to Me. It will take some time and will be rather complicated, but it is not a complicated matter for Me to Regard all beings on this earth and to Regard this total sphere. Rather, it is very simple and very direct. I also engage in the complications on various levels, but the fundamental Act is very direct. You think of it as complicated because you sit in one spot, in an apparently immense place. Some people think this world is grand. To Me, it is a poor place!

From My "Point of View", the drama at the level of humankind is instant and constant and without complication. The complications exist only from the point of view of those identified with the human level of living. Therefore, I must Intervene. I must also Participate in the various levels of complication. But My Fundamental Act of Being, and even of being Born, is rather simple.

I Am the One Who Is, and I Am the One Who Lives here now. Give Me your attention. Surrender yourself whole bodily. I Am the One Always Waiting for your attention, the One always Ready for your surrender. I Am the One Who Is you, Who Is Your Condition, Who Is Self-Manifested in bodily (human) Form Calling you to that Sublime Occupation.

Everyone, no matter what his or her notions, can respond to My Blessing That Pours through time and space, Pours into the places of present humankind. This is My Work. You will begin to see the signs of the Effect of My Work. And that is the significance of the turning of this year.

In due course, over the coming decades, you should see more and more benign effects, a great capability to relinquish the past, to relinquish the sizing up of nation against nation, race against race, person against person, religion against religion – all the hard-edged bullshit of ego-possession manufactured by individuals and groups. More and more, you should see the relinquishment of all that, even without intention, but based on a response to Something that everyone is beginning to find more and more tangible.

The Presence of Real God must ultimately be Named. You should observe this tangible Effect of My Presence. You will observe reactions also – but, fundamentally, over time, observe the fact that people worldwide are responding to a tangible Presence. At first, It will be Nameless. But, eventually, you will be able to tell them the Name of It.

–January 1, 1984

Avatar Adi Da was speaking with unique Prophetic force. Having found His Hermitage, and seeing Solo's immediate movement toward Him, Avatar Adi Da could not hold back. His Divine Work of world-Blessing – the real Work for which He had been born – was showing its first sign.

The timing was remarkable – the New Year, 1984. As Avatar Adi Da had remarked, the year 1984 carried disturbing associations – through the famous novel of that name by the English writer and social critic George Orwell. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, Orwell envisioned the worst excesses of political totalitarianism coming to pass, just as Aldous Huxley's earlier influential satire, Brave New World, had prophesied the suppression of human society by the dogmas of scientific materialism.

By the early eighties, these warnings were being echoed everywhere by serious people concerned that humanity was careening into a heartless and dangerous future. The "brave new world", toward which the culture of the West (and, indeed, the entire planet) was tending, was socially and politically beyond control, and full of known and unknown threats.

In this moment, Avatar Adi Da was making an unparalleled prophecy about His world-Blessing-Work, signs of which (as this book describes) would start to appear within the next decade.

The Dawn Horse Testament

The Confession in "Mark My Words" was followed, later in 1984, by another momentous event: Avatar Adi Da Samraj began to write His summary Divine Scripture, His Ultimate Instruction for all humankind.

From the early years of His Teaching-Work, collections of Avatar Adi Da's Discourses, Essays, and practical Instructions to devotees had been published. But He had never written a full summary of His Wisdom-Teaching. The time had not yet come. He was still making His Wisdom-Teaching, bringing It into existence via the living relationship with His devotees. But now, by 1984, His Teaching-Revelation had achieved a fullness that moved Him to put It into summary book-form.

Divine Revelations flowed from His pen – the secrets of esoteric anatomy, the developmental process of Spiritual Awakening, the technical details of emotional-sexual Yoga, the meaning of death and the design of the cosmos, the ultimate Mysteries of Divine Enlightenment.

For the next nine months, Avatar Adi Da continued to write and revise His manuscript, doing everything possible to make sure that His Teaching-Summary was written in perfect detail for all time. Finally, on March 21, 1985, after completing a full review, Avatar Adi Da declared that the book was ready for publication. One of the editors, Michael Wood, whose task it had been to type Avatar Adi Da's new writing into the computer each day, remembers the remarkable weather phenomena that coincided with that moment of completion:

MICHAEL WOOD: During the last month of Avatar Adi Da's Work on The Dawn Horse Testament, three big storms came either right to Naitauba or to nearby areas of Fiji. There was an almost continuous series of storms, and only on two or three days were any boats able to travel to or from Naitauba. This very stormy time seemed to me to be obviously connected to Avatar Adi Da's completion of His Dawn Horse Testament. The profundity of what He was doing was being reflected in the energies of Nature, a phenomenon that we have often observed. But this was uncommonly dramatic.

On the day that Avatar Adi Da announced that He had finished the book – which coincided with the spring equinox – an incredible thunderstorm sprang up, out of nowhere, at about five in the morning. The thunder and lightning seemed to be centered at the Matrix [Adi Da's residence on the eastern side of the island], as if emanating from Avatar Adi Da's Domain. I could see a big cloud right over the Matrix, and directly above the cloud lightning was continuously crackling in horizontal patterns. A devotee who was familiar with traditional Spiritual literature reminded us that in the Upanishads the sound of thunder is said to be "Da".

The Consummation of Fourteen Years
Even with the publication of The Dawn Horse Testament in late 1985, which was joyfully received, read, and marvelled over by Avatar Adi Da's devotees everywhere, He felt that His Work was still not being received at depth. There was no absolute difference between the world and His devotees – His devotees were simply representative of humanity in general and of the universal egoic impulse to self-satisfaction, self-protection, and immunity from the wounds of life and love. They were continuing to hold out for self-fulfillment, both worldly (in the domain of "money, food, and sex") and "Spiritual" (looking for satisfaction in apparent Spiritual advancement). They were still unprepared for the depth of the Spiritual process that the Divine Avatar was so passionate to offer them.

On October 4, 1985, the night that Avatar Adi Da was presented with the first publication of The Dawn Horse Testament, He spoke about the most significant and difficult transition in a human life – the movement beyond an egocentric existence (based on the search for consolation) to an ego-transcending life of service to, and devotional absorption in, the Divine.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You must go through the inevitable and natural crisis of the transition to Spiritually Awakened life, and that is a profound matter. If it were not profound, most difficult, and something that people in general are not prepared for, human beings all over the world would be Spiritually Awakened by now. This crisis of transition is the most profound and unwelcome change that confronts humanity. That change has been unwelcome for thousands of years.

This Way of life that I have Given is not idealistic. It is realistic. The transition to Spiritually Awakened life requires a realistic confrontation with your limitations in the gross-body-based life. These are the most vulgar, the most immature, the most primitive limitations. They are associated with the most basic physical, emotional, mental, and sexual functions to which you have adapted.

It is no longer My business to shoulder your responsibilities. I have Given you My Word, My Promise. My Work is evident to you in every day of your life. Therefore, you must give Me another word, another report, a different sound than the one I have received. You are in the most difficult position of adolescence – the position of being directly confronted by the Absolute Truth. You – more than anyone who might merely casually observe My Word and Promise and Presence – must exhibit the revolution of response to Me in your own body-mind.

–October 4, 1985

The day after He received The Dawn Horse Testament, in the evening, Avatar Adi Da called all His devotees at Adidam Samrajashram to His house to receive their copies of the book, which He passed out personally to each individual. When they looked inside, they could scarcely believe their eyes. Right at the beginning of the Prologue, just before the opening Words, "Here I Am", Avatar Adi Da had written "Dear ___," with the name of the devotee in His own handwriting. And so, in each case, His Message read, "Dear ____, Here I Am." Then, under the last Words of the Book, He had Written "Love, Da".

On a later occasion, Avatar Adi Da read aloud the entire Prologue and Chapter One, and, finally, the sublime Epilogue, one of His most passionate and heart-rending confessions of His Love and His utter Submission to His devotees.

I Am The One and True Divine Heart-Master. I Take My Stand In The Heart Of My Devotee. I (Alone) Am the Mystery Of You and Me.

How Could I Deny Heart-Vision To My Loved-One?

How Could I Delay The Course Of My Beloved?

Like An Intimate Family Servant, I Dearly Serve My Devotee.

Like A Wealthy Friend, I Freely Give To My Devotee.

Like A Mad Priest, I Even Worship My Devotee, With Love Itself.

Like An Innocent Boy At First Love, I Would Awaken My Devotee In Radiant Chambers.

Where The Wound Of Love Churns and Never Heals, I Wait, Longing To Celebrate The Brilliant Sight Of My Devotee.

Come Slowly or Quickly, but Surely Come To Me.

–Avatar Adi Da Samraj


At the end of Avatar Adi Da's reading of the Epilogue (of which these words are only the beginning), no one could move, His Spiritual Descent was so "thick" in the room. The Dawn Horse Testament was the consummation of nearly fourteen years of the Divine Avatar's Work to Reveal Himself and His Divine Way to His devotees, and ultimately to all human beings. Its publication represented the completion of an era.

And this proved to be literally so. In three months' time, everything would change.

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